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So this is exactly how you can make $10,000 or more for your life coaching business in 30 days or less with profitable presentations using the life coach launch system we oh we really again hey there my friend I’m SUPER Sid, The Marketing Shaman, and I help life coaches and healers create and generate their first or their next 10k paydays from their life coaching healing businesses in 30 days or less using profitable presentations. And in today’s video, we’re specifically going to talk about how you can use our system life coach launch to make more money and how you can use it go out there with a profitable presentation to go out there and sign up new clients here in the next 30 days or in the next few days.

So you can be well on your way to creating your first or your next 10k payday for your life coaching healing business. So without any further ado, let’s break this down and talk to you about how you can make more money as a life coach here really, really quickly. Let’s rock and roll. Alright, so first things first, what is life coach launch? What is life those launch? Why do we come out with life coach launch and and why are life coaches flooding to it to start getting help with making more money and ultimately, right life coach launch is going to be a three step selling system that we developed here at Life Coach launch that I developed here super set the marketing shaman on a three step selling system that life coaches can use to go out there and make consistent sales by using consistent profitable presence by using profit presentations in their businesses as a business model every single week. Now life coach launch originally came out as a course. But the truth of the matter is, we found out very quickly, that courses are really only worth as much as paperweights.

That’s the truth of matter is is that over 98% of people, after they buy a course don’t implement the things in the course. And because of that don’t see the success they want to see. So what we started doing was we started running events, right, and we started running, masterminds around life coach launched in the idea, and we started signing up hundreds of life coaches who wanted to get help with not only understanding the three step selling system, but by getting help implementing it so that they can create their first of the next 10k paydays as a life coach or healer, very, very soon. I’m a big believer that you know, information is only worth so much, right. I mean, like everything that we teach in life coach launch to a certain degree, right, besides like, our own take on it can be found on Google is the informations out there, I’m not trying to, you know, go out there and create something that has never like some PhD, something that’s never been in the marketplace. I’m out there trying to put together information out there that’s going to help you get to that goal, the life coaches get to the goal that they want to get to even faster.

And that’s ultimately why they pay me. And that’s ultimately why you as a life coach is going to get be getting paid to begin with, you got to remember that right? We’re helping people not only get to a goal, but help them get there faster. So life coach launch is going to be a six module course that usually people get as support to come into one of our events or that we think a payday or life coach law unlocks live events, or workshops or profitable presentations and stuff like that are ultimately where they sign up to work with us in our masterminds, or in our intensive programs. But ultimately, it’s the system that we talked about we work with people with and that we help them implement. And we’re gonna be going over the three steps of that system with you here in this video here in just a bit. Before we go over the three steps to the life coach launch system. I want to remind you to subscribe to this channel. I’m putting out new and exciting videos every single day showing life coaches and healers so they can go out there and create and generate their first or their next 10k paydays for their life coach and healing businesses using profitable presentations in 30 days or less, make sure to click that button below. And subscribe.

Alright, so the first thing is first, right? What’s the first thing we need to be focusing on in the life coach launch system, but what’s the first thing we need to be focusing on right when it comes to making money as a life coach and making more of it right here in the next 30 days. And the first thing that we talked about in life coach launch is going to be classified as what we classify as identification. Okay, so identification falls into three specific things, identification is going to be identifying who it is that you’re wanting to work with picking your perfect profitable niche, right, it’s going to be identified by creating core marketing messages, we have three specific core marketing messages that we go over with you and life coach launch that we want you to create. And then we talked about you creating an irresistible life coaching offer that’s going to be so irresistible, that your prospects and people that see it, that need that need your help with that offer, are gonna feel absolutely stupid as saying no to and we have a specific six step system and life coach wants to teach you how to do that. But ultimately, those are the three things that we want to make sure we tackle and identification.

When we’re tackling those things and identification when it comes to our niche, our messaging and our offer, it’s going to be a lot easier for us to demonstrate start talking about and started getting people to start looking at us and start running our ways start getting help with right the identify with this specific offer and the specific things that we’re going to be helping people with because we were able to identify the people that needed the help we are able to start communicating with them and now we have a specific offer that can help them we’re going to start running to us in droves so that they can start getting that hill alright so now the first piece that’s going to the second piece which is really the heartbeat of life coach launch and what everything centers around right we won’t be making any money, right if we weren’t doing these and doing these right consistently and these are going to be our profitable presentations. So what is the profit presentation almost on every scale seems like on almost every single video here on our channel and in every single video that we shoot here life coach launch are always dovetailing back into profit presentations. What a profit presentation is going to be is going to be where you go out there right and you put on any event At that event is going to be where you are helping someone with a problem that they have. So that they can not only hear about how you can help them and by you telling them or someone else telling them, but you can demonstrate how you can help them by actually helping them at that event. And then at that profit presentation, you’re simply just going to transition into making them an offer at the end of that profit presentation. And then for the people that you helped. And for a lot of people that came to that profit presentation, they’re going to say yes to that offer. And they’re gonna say yes to getting more help at the end of that profit presentation. And you are going to be able to sign up new clients at this profit presentation every single time. All right, all right.

So you’re like, Okay, that makes sense, right? I can put on a profit presentation, and I can go out there and make money with it. That makes sense. Well, how do we go out there and start making more money? How do we make more sales? How do we do it consistently? And how do we get to our first our next 10k paydays by creating more impact, which is the third piece right? And what does impact mean? Impact means helping more people helping having more people, you know, be influenced by influenced by you, and ultimately helping more people be seen by you want to get your help, we got to remember that by going out there every day and making more of an impact, right, we’re gonna be making money as a byproduct of that. But by you know, it’s a byproduct, right? We’re gonna be helping more people in front of that by helping more people, we’re gonna be making more money. So by understanding right, creating more impact simply means is that we want to go out there a profit presentations and run them consistently. This isn’t a one hit band, this isn’t a one hit one hit, right? Like this isn’t you putting out something and hoping to get famous because you had one single that went live, you did one time that was able to sign you up a couple of people. The truth is, is by running profitable presentations consistently and we recommend running profitable presentations, you know, every single week, and life coach launch, you’re gonna be able to stay in front of people who need your help, you’re gonna be able to consistently have people that need your help in front of you.

And you’re going to be able to go out there and sign up a lot more people faster at with your profit presentations a lot more faster and make a lot more money as a life coach Lockwood are your life coach who’s looking to go out there and make more money, but I just got done with a brand new guide called the 100k life coach launch guide, and it’s free gift for you for visiting my channel that you can grab right now in the description. Just go down there into the description and click on the link to grab your free 22 page guide called the one under K life coach launch guide right now. And in the life coach launch guide, we’re going to show you our simple three step selling system here at Life Coach launch is going to help you go out there and create your first or your next 10k payday for your life coaching healing business in 30 days or less using profitable presentations, just make sure to make sure to click on that button down there in the description and grab your free copy of that 100k Life Coach launch guide right now and don’t forget we all win win. We all win. I choose to win today and I hope you choose to win by going down there right now and grabbing your free copy of that 100k Life Coach launch guide and we’ll see you in the next video.

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